Monday, January 31, 2011

The Age of Ignorance

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Representative Jack Kingston from Georgia is one strange  He apparently was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher recently - an act of exceeding strangeness for a conservative lawmaker from the heart of Dixie, since Maher loves to be outrageous and lob F bombs with wild abandon.   Once on the program Kingston felt compelled to announce that he does not believe in evolution.  Okay, I understand the concept of playing to the ignorant base, but why do it on Bill Maher's show. Maher is a human buzz saw who would rip someone like Kingston to shreds in seconds over far less controversial remarks, and the few people from Kingston's district who might actually watch the program would be unlikely to vote for him under any circumstances.

Kingston went on to proclaim that he believes he came from God - and not from a monkey.   He then scampered off the set on all fours and climbed up into the theatre's rafters - where he peeled and ate a banana and threw the peeling and his poop on audience members!

The Gallup poll, a political scripture of sorts, reports that 40 percent of Americans believe God created human life as it exists today - and that He did it a mere 10,000 years ago.  Science and fossils be damned because facts have no relevance when it comes to belief!  St. Gallup also found that 52 percent of Republicans believe in the fiction of Creationism, while just 34 percent of Democrats and Independents have been suckered into that nonsense.

Of course, as Bill Maher himself pointed out on his show a couple of years ago, when illness strikes, even serious Creationists want the services of doctors who have been trained in real science.   Smoke, mirrors, and collection plates can only go so far, and when death looms large these "believers" aren't so damned anxious to test their theories!

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