Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pot-Kettle, Mr. Limbaugh, Pot-Kettle

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I just finished listening to a portion of the Rush Lard Butt Radio Explosion on the drive home tonight.  (Armed Forces Network likes to air it's absolute worst reactionary programming during lunch - because some of us eat in our cars - and in the evening drive time.)  Today was the Rushbag's first day back after the Tucson massacre - it was his Monday show.  (We are delayed here in numerous respects!)

Rushbag, predictably, was raving on and on about the "drive-by media," mainstream media, and any other news outlet that is not controlled by Fox Noise or the Republican Party, as being complicit in a scheme to blame this "unfortunate event" in Tucson on him (It's always about Rush!), Sarah Palin, and other good people like them who deplore violence.  (Funny thing, though - he never did mention the cross-hair target that nitwit Sarah Palin put over Gabrielle Giffords' congressional district.)

Rushbag wanted his listeners, good Americans - all, to know that there was a plot afoot to use this "unfortunate event" as a pretext for writing more serious gun laws and taking away their god-given rights to arm every lunatic in America - and their children - with automatic weapons.  That's right - the old "Obama is coming to get  your guns" crap.

The extreme right, according to Rushbag, had nothing to do with the events in Tucson - and the Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik made a fool of himself for trying to blame the "unfortunate event" on hateful rhetoric inflaming simple minds.

The Gas Master's primary target was the assassin's parents for doing such a poor job of raising him.  (I, for one, have some thoughtful questions that I would like to ask the elder Limbaugh's.)  But he also put the blame squarely on the shooter, referring to him as an "insane dopehead."

Pot-Kettle, Mr. Limbaugh.  Pot-Kettle.

I listened with rapt attention up until the point that Rushbag explosively declared:  "They (the liberal media, I suppose) will never silence me!"  Then I turned him off.

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