Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan Brewer's Death Panels Kill and Kill Again

by Pa Rock 
Citizen Journalist

Sarah Palin was right about something, well kinda sorta, and that itself is worth more ink that her recipe for S'mores.    Last year she was screaming and yelling about the death panels that would be part of the evil Obamacare, and lo and behold, now we have a skimpy version of national health insurance, and the dreaded death panels have materialized.  But there is no relationship between the two.  The health insurance is a national issue, and the death panels are purely an Arizona phenomenon.

That's right, Sarah.  Government is choosing which patients will live and which will die - just like you predicted, but it's not the federal government making those life and death decisions, it's the right-wing cracker government of Arizona.  Your good buddy, Jan Brewer, is presiding over a state government that has brought about the deaths of two innocent people since last November, with predictions of as many as thirty more completely innocent individuals shuffling off of this mortal coil within the next year due to the actions of the government of Arizona.

At issue is Arizona's rush to save $1.4 million in their state budget by disallowing organ transplants that are paid for through Medicaid.  Yes, $1.4 million is a pile of money, but it is minuscule when measured against the state's $1.4 billion deficit.  Governor Brewer probably spends more than $1.4 million a year just on conferences, meals, mileage, and bar tabs for her staff.

If Arizona wants to solve its budget mess, the legislature and governor ought to look at raising taxes - which are damned near nothing in the Scorpion State.

But at least now we know what happens when voters pack a government with hate-mongering Christians - innocent people die!

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