Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dick Speak

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney has given Jamie Gangel of NBC News one of those phony interviews that he and Shrub Bush were so famous for in the last administration - one where he pre-selected the questions and provided unchallenged, softball answers.  But, even with the lack of journalistic integrity, a few facts did manage to make their way through the smoke screen that passed as an interview.

Cheney is towing the party line, as established by Rush Limbaugh, that hate rhetoric had nothing to do with the shooting in Arizona.  It was strictly the independent act of a lunatic.  Of course, lunatics can't buy guns and ammo just anyplace, so Arizona was ripe for the shooting - but Cheney didn't address that issue.

Cheney also thinks that Obama will be a one-term President because he is not basing all of his decisions on what Wall Street wants. Cheney believes firmly in the Calvin Coolidge principle that what is good for business is good for America - the business of America is business - and school children would be of far better service to their families working in factories where they could supplement the family income instead of wasting their days in classrooms.

Old Dick reported that he has a new heart pump, and he admitted that he is considering a heart transplant.   If he was a poor person living in Arizona he would, of course, be waiting to die.  But hey, even I don't begrudge the old bastard a new heart.  It certainly couldn't hurt!

The primary reason for the Cheney interview, however, wasn't the state of the world, Obama's socialist tendencies, or even the Dick's health.  The primary reason that he deigned to speak to the press is that he is peddling a book.   Timing is everything, Dick Wad.  If you had just trotted that tome out a month ago, Halliburton could have snatched up a couple of hundred thousand copies with corporate funds and given them to its employees as holiday stocking-stuffers.  But that ship has sailed.

Maybe Ann Coulter could help you out by starting a book club!

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