Sunday, January 23, 2011

Obama's Place

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

My nephew, Reed Smith. put a comment on last night's post describing a scene that he watched play out on Bill O'Reilly's entertainment show.  Reed said that he was at the gym doing his running and O'Reilly was playing on the facility's television.  His guest was Glenn Beck.  Apparently they were whining about the cost of the recent State Dinner where the Obama's hosted Chinese Premier Hu Jintao.

Reed said that he was glad that I wouldn't get the chance to see it, living overseas and all, because it would set my blood to boiling.  Unfortunately for me and many others, the military and its local propaganda arm - the Armed Forces Network - show us damned little in the way of news over here - except, of course, Fox, which really isn't news at all.  Everything that we get here is delayed, but, sooner or later, I will probably be exposed to the same drivel that Reed described in his comment.

I will be honest and admit that I don't have a clue as to the price of a State Dinner, but I do know that diplomacy and diplomatic acts - like State Dinners - are a much wiser expenditure of our national funds than the alternative to diplomacy - which all too often is war.  What O'Reilly and Beck did not talk about, I'm willing to bet, is the cost of the Bush wars, wars which have wrecked our country morally and economically, and show no sign of ever ending.   The amount that President and Mrs. Obama spent on that fancy dinner wouldn't cover ten minutes of expenses for those wars - if that!

(People like O'Reilly and Beck are always quick to nickel-and-dime anything that is proposed or accomplished by Democrats - like social security and health care - claiming that programs like those are breaking the country, but when we dump the entire national treasury into wars that are not necessary and can't be won - well, if those wars are Republican fiascoes like the current ones, then they ballyhoo them as necessary expenses for our national security.  That, of course, is bullshit.

Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck were undoubtedly careful not to state their real objection to the Obama's State Dinner.  Their real problem is that they see President Obama as an uppity Negro who should be serving at the dinner rather than hosting.  In the O'Reilly and Beck world view, Barack Obama is three-fifths of a person who does not know his place.

Well, Bill and Glenny, the rest of America does know where Barack Obama's place is at:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC - upstairs in the family quarters.  Deal with it, you jerkwater jokes!

(And Reed was right - just writing about it set my blood to boiling!)

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