Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pistol Packin' Mama

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

An incident at an elementary school drop-off point yesterday in Deer Park, Texas, resulted in police being summoned.  Things started to get dangerous when one upset mother tapped on the car window of another mother and proceeded to complain about the woman's driving in the school zone.  The angry parent said that the other woman, who was still in her car, had been speeding and had nearly hit her.  The woman in the car reacted by pulling a gun, pointing it at the woman who was confronting her, and telling her to back off.  An on-looker called 911, and the police, finding no blood on the pavement, arrested no one.  Just another day in Texas.

Both women had their children in their cars at the time of the incident, and other children were frolicking about in the immediate vicinity.

The principal, feeling the need to address the matter in some way, sent a letter home with all of her students that evening telling parents about the incident and encouraging them to behave like responsible grown-ups and be good role models for their children.  What the principal did not say in her letter was "Leave the damned guns at home!"  If she had added that postscript, her school board would have met before the sun set that evening, and the principal would have been fired.

It's regrettable to endanger the lives of innocent children, and their parents, and underpaid educators, but interfering with someone's god-given right to bear arms and stand their ground, even while sitting, is as blasphemous as it is seditious.

It is legal in Texas to carry concealed weapons (with a permit) almost anywhere, and to use that weapon to "stand your ground" in the event a person feels threatened.  Of course, what is considered to be a threat is almost entirely in the eye of the beholder. 

One old coot in Florida who shot sand killed a man in a movie theatre is claiming to have stood his ground because he felt threatened when the other guy threw popcorn and a cellphone at him.  The judge isn't buying that one, and the National Rifle Association is once again pushing new laws in the state legislatures that would help bring the judicial process under control - in the NRA's favor, of course.  The new laws require prosecutors to prove that those claiming stand-your-ground status did not feel threatened.  That's right.  The shooters no longer have to prove that they felt threatened, now prosecutors, if they want to convict those crazy buggers, must prove that they DID NOT feel threatened.

It's easy to poke fun at Texans because generally they trail most of the nation in common sense, but sadly, for me at least, Missouri's gun laws are even worse.  Our state legislators, the vast majority of which are so dumb as to suggest they could have been educated in Texas,  have recently enacted a stand-your-ground law - as well as a law allowing people to carry concealed weapons almost anywhere - with NO training or permit required.  Consequently, Missouri's stupider and more paranoid citizens are all proudly packing.

And it's all in the name of safety - you bet it is.  There is one place in our well armed and almost completely unregulated society, however, where guns are absolutely forbidden - and that is at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association!

What a bunch of stinking hypocrites!  Wayne LaPierre and Ted Nugent deserve each other, but the rest of America deserves better!

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Helen said...

same in Idaho - no permits required - see people packing guns openly everywhere now - including to polling places to vote!