Friday, March 10, 2017

On the Road Again with Rosie

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Rosie and I are on our second road trip in less than a week.  Last weekend we headed out to Kansas City, and today saw us traipsing through southwest Missouri and and on to northwest Arkansas.  The primary purpose of today's trip was to deliver my income tax information to the lady who has prepared my taxes for the past forty years. 

Before getting to the tax lady's office, which is in rural Jane, Missouri, in a remodeled chicken house, we stopped in my home town of Noel and had a nice visit with one old and dear friend, before heading off to see another old friend whom we took to lunch.  We also had brief visits with two other acquaintances from the past that we just happened to run into.

This evening we are at my sister's home in Fayetteville, home of the main campus of the University of Arkansas and the Razorbacks - woo, pig, suey!  Friday afternoon traffic from Bentonville to Springdale to Fayetteville was horrendous.  There isn't enough money in this entire state to lure me to live here!  I noticed a few things while navigating the traffic snarl and observing my fellow travelers - most of the drivers were millennials and they had very nice cars in which to sit motionless on the highway.  One other observation was that many of the road warriors were of alone in their vehicles.  Arkansas is proud to be a very redneck state that does not condone any socialist beliefs or projects - like public transportation.  

Of course, the notion of city buses and even trams might gain public acceptance if they promised to allow passengers to carry firearms and open alcohol containers.  Social norms here are strong.

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