Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Oh, Claire!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Democrat Claire McCaskill, the senior senator from my home state of Missouri, has her finger permanently hovering over the "send" key on her email machine.  Claire is currently forwarding at least three emails a day - which I read over my leisurely breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Her entreaties relentlessly beg for campaign cash.  Claire tells me in her emails that she is being savagely outspent by a whole host of  evil PACs and special interests.  It is, she swears, absolutely critical that I send her at least five dollars immediately.  The future of the Republic is at stake!

Oh, the unfairness of all of those right-wing groups opposing Claire!  Oh, the importance of any pocket change that I can spare!   Oh, the humanity!

Oh, Claire!  Where was your sense of urgency at the beginning of 2012 when I emailed you regarding the difficulty I was suddenly having in purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds for my grandchildren?  The government had quit selling them through banks, and the system to sell them over the internet had a flaw that prevented purchases.  My email was completely ignored, so I followed up with a tweet to you and got a two-word apology - but no action.   I followed up again, with a letter - and still nothing - not even the courtesy of a reply.  I finally had to quit using U.S. Savings Bonds for the grandkids' college funds and switched over to savings accounts at the bank.  (All of that needless bother occurred while I was overseas working for our military.)

And then last year, Claire, I finally got over my mad long enough to write to you again, this time seeking information on where to go for government historical materials on an article that I planned to write.  That time I did get a response from your office - four weeks later.  A man from the St. Louis office called with a phone number.

I can't speak for all of Missouri, of course, but Claire, from my limited perspective, your constituent services suck.  I guess that is to be expected because, as a U.S. senator, your platter is obviously full to over-flowing with important government matters.  I know you are busy, like when you spent all of that time focusing on a Kansas Senate race and were successful in convincing candidate Chad Taylor to drop out.  Of course, your interference in that race created a certain amount of animosity from our neighboring state, and the Democratic Party went on to lose that election anyway - but hey, you had your say and got your way!

Bully for you!

And  for the past several years my email in-box had been clogged with electronic missives from you encouraging my support of a multitude of candidates from other states - some of whom I wound up supporting - and many, many begs for Hillary - who eventually received my vote but none of my limited retirement income.

You are a busy woman, Claire, so busy that you have yet to commit on the Gorsuch filibuster.

I will more than likely slide a few dollars your way eventually because I believe it is important that the seat remain Democratic.  But like your office's lackadaisical responses to my requests for assistance, that help will come sometime in the distant future, after I see what your race is going to look like.  Until that time, when you hit "send," I will more than likely hit "delete."  If you are truly desperate for campaign cash, may I suggest that you tap Hillary.  If she spent anything at all in Missouri last year, it was darned little - and none down in the woods where I live.

Rural Missourians should be regarded as more than just a handy cash cow for panicked career politicians.  Work for us - and we'll work for you.


Xobekim said...

Seldom am I a Yuge fan of the senior senator from the Show Me State, but she has a point. Last night Rachel Maddow reported about a father & daughter team of gazillionaire donors to the Trump. Today USA Today reports:

“Making America Great, a new nonprofit aligned with Trump donor Rebekah Mercer, announced plans to air at least $1 million in television and digital ads. The commercials will run in the nation's capital and 10 states that Trump won last November: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Florida, Missouri, Indiana and Montana. Democratic senators face re-election next year in all 10 states.”

The Mercer’s believe that only persons of color commit racism, that global warming is a fraud, and that the Japanese people received health benefits from the fallout after nuclear bombs were dropped on them.

The Mercer’s represent the festering wounds of ignorance and insanity that Citizens United has unleashed upon the fabric of the Republic. Americans must repeal this anti-democratic Supreme Court error. This task makes us envy Perseus who only had to slay Medusa, the Gorgon mortal of Greek Mythology.

I don’t give every time they ask, but I spread my pittance about more liberally than before. Claire is correct, they are coming after her.

Don said...

The problem with politicians generally is also the problem with Trump specifically: A lack of candor. And although Trump leads the falsification brigade by a healthy margin, Congressional hacks aren't far behind. The result, of course, is that their constituents never know when the help they seek or the problem they say needs fixing, really exists.

So thanks to Xobekim for helping to define McCaskill's problem.