Friday, March 24, 2017

Fat Boy and Ryan Lose Bigly - and America Wins!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Just moments ago the news broke that House Speaker Paul Ryan is pulling his hateful "American Health Care Act" because he couldn't commandeer enough Republican votes to pass the bill that would effectively end health care coverage for millions of Americans.   Yesterday Trump had vowed that if the Republicans couldn't get the bill passed today, he would move on to other priorities and Obamacare would remain in place.  Of course, conservatives who still want to kill Obamacare can take comfort in the fact that Trump seldom keeps his word.

But, for today at least, the GOP war on the poor has suffered a major setback.

With health care now officially on Trump's back burner, the Orange Menace can move on to his other priorities - like getting that big wall built along the southern border, the one that most of the people who live along the border don't want, and maybe squeezing in a few rounds of golf.

(All of this must be very upsetting to members of Congress who normally only work Tuesday through Thursday.  They had to show up on a Friday - and then didn't even get to vote!  Maybe it's time to fire the Speaker.)

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JP said...

What a good day! Yay! And it seems to be a fitting belated birthday gift to Pa Rock from the republicans. Helen was so right - we must always have hope. Happy Birthday, Rocky!