Saturday, March 4, 2017

Me and Garfunkel

by Pa Rock
Culture Vulture

Rosie and I are in Kansas City, our first trip up to see the Roeland Park Macys since just before Christmas.  It's a beautiful weekend and we are enjoying playing with Sully and Olive.  Both of the kids are growing faster than the weeds at Rock's Roost!

My birthday is later this month, and yesterday Olive was very excited to give me a card.  Enclosed with the birthday greeting was a ticket to see Art Garfunkel tonight at the Kauffman Center here in Kansas City!

That's right - Pa Rock is going to see one of the premier poets, songwriters, and singers of the twentieth century, the fellow who helped to write and sing the soundtrack to the only movie that I ever paid to see twice!  Me and Garfunkel will be at the Kauffman Center tonight!

Alexa, play some Simon and Garfunkel!

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