Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Lucky Star

by Pa Rock

My Lucky Star is Joe Keenan's third novel featuring the irrepressible trio of Gilbert Selwyn, Philip Cavanaugh, and Claire Simmons.  Gilbert and Philip are young gay men, and former boyfriends, just barely on the sunny side of thirty, and Claire, Philip's musical theatre collaborator, serves as the cool head who usually manages to extricate the boys from the messes that they invariably seem to stumble into.

The first novel, Blue Heaven, found Gilbert marrying a conniving vixen by the name of Moira Finch in a plot to collect and sell the wedding gifts that were bestowed upon them by their wealthy friends and family - including Gilbert's mob-connected in-laws.  In Keenan's second book involving the same characters, Putting on the Ritz, the boys become involved in the machinations of a pair of feuding New York billionaires, one of whom winds up hiring Philip and Claire to prepare his wife for a comeback as a cabaret singer.

In the third novel, My Lucky Star, Philip and Claire reluctantly join Gilbert in Hollywood where he assures them that he has a screenwriting job awaiting them, a job offered as a result of a script that he had dashed off to show the producer his abilities as a screenwriter.  Philip and Claire are dubious because the narcissistic Gilbert, who always claims to be a writer, has never actually written anything.  But it's off to Hollywood they go, and from there on the fun never stops - even when they encounter the evil Moira who has also relocated to the West Coast.

Joe Keenan, a former producer and head writer for the hit television series, Frazier, is a deft plotter whose tales never cease to surprise with their clever, and sometimes maniacal, twists and turns.  He is laugh-out-loud funny on page after page after page.  Take for instance the scene where poor Philip has to hide beneath a massage table while a closeted action star has robust sex just above him with a gay hustler who is dressed up as a statuette of "Oscar."  Could that get anymore complicated?  Well, yes, when the action star's mother and wife knock at the door demanding entry!

With Keenan, the action - and the fun - never stop, and it's always a wild ride!

I highly recommend all three classic comedy novels by Joe Keenan:  Blue Heaven, Putting on the Ritz, and My Lucky Star.   They are breezy, clever, and very, very funny!

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