Thursday, March 23, 2017

Congressman Jason Smith Has Heard from Me

by Pa Rock
Citizen and Voter

My congressman, Republican Jason Smith, is not one of the more enlightened members of Congress, nor does he aspire to be.  Smith represents southeastern Missouri, a very conservative area, and he knows well just how his bread is buttered.  He talks in conservative sound bites and routinely ignores the poverty and need that are pervasive in his district.

But regardless of Congressman Smith's well known lack of intellectual curiosity or doing anything that would actually be of significant benefit to the poor people of his constituency, I chose to call the congressman's office this morning and register my disapproval of the American Health Care Act, a bill whose ultimate purpose is to relieve Americans of effective health care.  It will also have a devastating impact on struggling rural hospitals, something that I mentioned to Smith's operator, a lady named Grace, who registered my opinion.

Smith is one of the Republicans whose vote in favor of the American Health Care Act is already set in cement, and thus he has no room for doing any wheeling and dealing that might ultimately have some benefit for his constituents.    Congressman Smith is focused on pleasing Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.  He will wind up with a few great photo ops with Republican celebrities and some campaign cash from the insurance industry, and thousands of constituents who suddenly discover that they can no longer afford to get ill.

The people of Missouri's 8th congressional district deserve so much better.

Today is March 23, 2017.  In addition to being my 69th birthday, it is also the seventh anniversary of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  The Republicans would love nothing better that to sully that important legislative anniversary with the House passage of their American Health Care Act, the first phase in their war on the poor.  Medicaid and Social Security are phases two and three.

Remain silent at your own peril!

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