Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Ladies Fight Back

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

If you don't believe that politics in America is still a basically white, old boys game, just take a look at some of those disgusting group photos coming out of Trump's Oval Office.  The same goes for Congress.  Though women and racial and ethnic minorities have made significant strides since Jeanette Rankin first broke the congressional gender barrier a little over a century ago, the preponderance of our national legislators is still old, white men.

State legislatures are also seeing some shift toward a gender balance, but slightly over 75% of state legislators nationwide remain male.  And in this, the Age of Trump, these old boys focus primarily on three things:  voting rights (to insure the system is sufficiently rigged so that they can maintain their positions and power), guns (to secure the support of the morons and Walmart shoppers), and vaginas (for the blessings of the Christian fundamentalists).  The current herd of men running America prefer policies that curtail voting, proliferate guns, and limit women's reproductive choices - all for purely political reasons.

(A news story out this morning says that HHS Secretary Tom Price may soon be able to gut the requirement that insurance companies offer contraception and birth control at no cost.  The age of enlightenment appears to be dimming.)

If the ladies are ever able to consolidate their majority power, God alone knows the extent of what the pent-up backlash could be - but so far the men and the churches have been successful in convincing women that they are better off leaving their fate in the hands of men.

So far . . . but the worm is showing signs of contemplating a turn.

Recently a female state legislator in Kentucky decided that since men are so concerned with controlling women's bodies, perhaps it was time for government to involve itself with the bodies of men.  State Representative Mary Lou Marzian has introduced a bill into the Kentucky legislature, HB 396, which would require a minimum of two doctor's visits and a permission slip from the patient's wife before any man in the state could receive erectile dysfunction drugs.  Single males and men who could not obtain written permission from the little woman would be S.O.L. when it came to shopping for Viagara!

Rep. Marzian said she was only trying to protect men from themselves.  Her bill would also require that men attempting to buy the erectile dysfunction drugs be required to swear with their hand on the Bible that they would use the medicine only when having sex with their current spouse.  The state representative stressed that her bill was about "family values."

The Kentucky legislature recently passed yet another restriction on abortion, one which requires that women contemplating a pregnancy termination receive counseling twenty-four hours prior to the procedure.   Perhaps Representative Marzian should add a counseling requirement to her bill.  Others are suggesting that the bill could also contain a requirement for a trans-rectal ultrasound to insure that there are no prostrate issues at play.   Also, a mandatory viewing of a film on the unintended consequences of sex might be in order.

Why, the list of potential impediments to the fulfillment of a male sex drive are near limitless.  Keep cranking out those bills, ladies.  Save those gnarly old men from themselves!

If it's good enough for the goose, it's sure as hell good enough for the gander!

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