Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Of Swamp Creatures and Women in Drag

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One campaign promise Donald Trump has not kept and will not keep is his pledge to "drain the swamp" of Washington, DC.  The troglodyte Trump is, in fact, making himself right at home in the primordial ooze.   To add to his comfort in the slime and sewage, The Donald has flushed in a load of billionaires and generals to ensure that his swamp is swimming in arrogance and authoritarianism, two hallmarks of the Trump brand.

Most of the new vermin that Trump has introduced into the swamp are men, crusty old white men who possess an unbounded sense of entitlement.  But he has also seen fit to import a few females to class up the joint - while maybe answering the phones and serving coffee and pastries to the men.   Despite the sexist label that those pushy broads in the Women's March tried to hang on Trump, he loves the women - and it's been acceptable for a few to hold down jobs in his swamp so long as they dress like ladies.

Yup.  Women are welcome in the Trump administration if they dress like ladies.  While the exact dress code hasn't been published yet, the opening salvo sort of puts one in mind of California during Reagan's governorship when Queen Nancy decreed that all female state employees had to wear dresses.  What about the men in your retro world, Donald?  Will you be bringing back sideburns checks?  And what if Sean Spicer wants to grow a stache - or Kellyanne, for that matter?

I'd be careful if I were you, Orange Buddy, or some liberal judge might just allow blue jeans in the White House.  Of course, for Steve Bannon, blue jeans might be seen as dressing up!

In a related note, comedienne Melissa McCarthy brought down the house with her spot-on impersonation of White House mouthpiece Sean Spicer on last week's Saturday Night Live.  McCarthy, dressed in a man's suit, a short wig, and chomping on chewing gum, impaled the hapless Press Secretary in a scathing routine that will likely be a highlight of both of their careers.   Spicer handled the affront in a relatively good-natured manner, but his boss, Hair Furor, was reportedly not amused.  Trump, who likes for himself and his team to be viewed as strong, took umbrage at a woman playing the role of his press secretary - and particularly a woman dressed as a man, and probably even more particularly, that woman.

Now Trump's long-time nemesis, Rosie O'Donnell, is also trying to poke the pig.  Rosie is openly campaigning to be cast as Trump's brain, Steve Bannon, or Saturday Night Live, or should Alec Baldwin ever tire of his role portraying The Donald, O'Donnell would like to be cast as the lead in the comic send-up of our national melodrama.

How would that grab you, Donald - being played by a woman in drag - especially if that woman is your sweetie, Rosie O'Donnell?

Donald Trump is probably right in his demand that the women working around him dress like ladies.  Otherwise they could start down that slippery slope to ignominy and one day wind up posing naked in GQ!

Keep those standards high, Donald! 

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Marianne Love said...

My friend Helen directed me to your blog. I've been reading and enjoying for the past several days. This post was particularly excellent and on point. Maybe reading your blog in the mornings will save me from losing control in mine later in the morning.

I've tried to stay apolitical with my blog postings (former school teacher and freelance journalist in a small town) but in these times, it's difficult.

So, thank you for providing me a slight buffer by saying in your blog earlier what I'd like to say in mine later.

Great stuff and all so much more true than the alternative facts.