Thursday, February 16, 2017

Arming the Mentally Ill in Trump's America

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

For those still suffering under the delusion that Donald Trump and the Republican Party maintain any sense of humanity or decency, consider this:  the House and Senate have each just passed a measure that would roll back an Obama era rule which was aimed at preventing the severely mentally ill from buying guns.  Donald Trump is expected to sign the act - and the public safety be damned!

The Obama regulation required that the 75,000 or so of individuals currently on disability support be added to the national background check database and denied permission to buy guns.  Those added to the database check would have been limited to individuals whose condition was so serious that they had to be assigned a personal trustee - and even those individuals would have had a right of appeal.

But Congressional Republicans, most (if not all) of whose pockets are stuffed with bloody cash from the National Rifle Association, weren't having it.  With a new sheriff in the White House, they quickly rushed through a repeal of the Obama rule, and with it expanded the gun market.

The Republican argument was that instead of putting tighter controls on gun ownership, the government should be tightening controls over the mentally disabled.  Of course Republicans, being Republicans, wouldn't allocate a wooden nickel to anything as frivolous as improved mental health care.

And as for all of those whiney-assed liberals lamenting children being gunned down at school, if teachers and administrators were made to carry guns to school, school shootings and grizzly bear attacks just would not happen.

Lunatics with guns will make America safer - just wait - and watch - and see - and run for cover!

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