Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nothing Sadder than an Unused Gun

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A young man got more than he bargained for when he was shot to death earlier this month while apparently trying to steal diapers from a Walmart near Orlando, Florida.  The victim, a 19-year-old, was gunned down by a concerned and armed Walmart shopper who happened to be nearby when the attempted theft of the diapers occurred.   A young lady who was with the reputed robber was also wounded.

Apparently it went down something like this:  two teen-aged men and the young woman were trying to make off with two carts of diapers when they were confronted by a store employee.  The shooter, an unidentified fifty-year-old male, saw the commotion and decided to get involved.  That is when he conveniently noticed one of the thieves reaching for "something" and opened fire.

Florida, you see, is one of those states where just about anybody can carry a gun just about anywhere.  It is also a "stand your ground" state (remember George Zimmerman) where the least bit of provocation can make a person feel "threatened" and thus justify opening fire on the perceived threat.  A perfect storm for a fifty-year-old boy with a gun who was just itching to shoot someone.

Zimmerman, you might recall, felt threatened by a bag of Skittles.

What, pray tell, would be the point in owning and carrying around a fine firearm if there was never any hope of getting to use it?   Could there be anything sadder than an unused gun?

And what of the store itself?   Should the multi-billionaire members of the Walton family expect their underpaid store clerks and overzealous customers to protect the family's wares, or should they perhaps invest in a few security guards to protect their diapers and Chinese knickknacks?  Perhaps they should even look at who they are attracting into their stores.  With items on the shelves like guns, and ammo, and liquor, perhaps they are catering to individuals who are move likely to resort to violence.

Florida is not alone in this rush toward vigilantism.  Lax gun laws have spread into all fifty states, a cancer giving cop wannabes everywhere the ability and incentive to charge into any hubbub with guns a-blazing!  It's Wayne LaPierre's wet dream - more and more Americans killing more and more Americans, and the rest of the public stampeding into gun stores and Walmarts to arm themselves for protection.

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies!

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