Friday, February 3, 2017

A Peek into Trump's Medicine Cabinet

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Our new leader is a man of many secrets, or, to spin that a bit more positively, Donald Trump zealously safeguards his privacy.  Americans, for instance, don't know much about Trump's finances other than what makes the news over things like bankruptcy filings and failure to pay his employees and contractors.  While he once said that if he ran for President he would show America his tax returns, the real Donald Trump, once he did become a candidate, flatly refused to keep that promise.  He was a businessman, by God, and keeping financial shenanigans secret was a necessary component to being a successful businessman.

And Americans really don't need to delve into Donald Trump's business machinations.  If he or his family were to inadvertently profit from a government spending program or activity, he would tell us.  The Donald is our much admired big brother - so trust him.

Another area of public concern where Trump has kept the lights of public scrutiny turned low is his health record.  The physical and mental fitness of any individual seeking to serve in the presidency is a valid concern to voters, and the matter is even more significant when the individual is someone as old as Donald Trump - the oldest person ever elected President of the United States.

Trump did not share much in the way of medical information during the election - basically just a hand-written note from his personal physician, Dr.Harold Bernstein of Manhattan, saying that he would be the healthiest person ever to serve in the White House - a statement that brought about more laughter than it did confidence in the candidate's health.  It would have been nice to have known a bit more about the overall medical condition of the man who was destined to be the heaviest President since Taft.

Now, well after the fact of the election, more medical information on Donald Trump is beginning to seep out, again courtesy of Dr. Bornstein.   The physician, in an interview with the New York Times, elaborated on his hastily scratched note of several months earlier.  He has now revealed that Trump takes a medication to control rosacea, a common skin disease, baby aspirin to help prevent heart attacks, a statin for lowering cholesterol, and Propecia (Finasteride) for combating male pattern baldness.

Propecia is used by men who set great store in having a lustrous head of hair.  It has been known to have some interesting side effects including sexual dysfunction and mental confusion.  There is a wealth of information available in the popular press regarding these side effects as reported by patients who suffered them.

The same drug, with a higher dosage, is also used to keep PSA levels low and help prevent prostate cancer, and it is used in hormone replacement therapy for transgender women.

As someone who is seventy-years-old, obese, and avoids exercise while enjoying fast foods, Donald Trump is unlikely to ever make the cover of Men's Health, but he is likely to require ever-increasing amounts of medical care.  (Thank God for Medicare - right, Donald?)  And as the Trump presidency rolls on, America's voters have both a right and a responsibility to be kept informed about the President's health.

Donald Trump's complete medical history should be available for public perusal - and so should his tax returns.  He is our creature, and, as such, he should be in full public view - grotesque as that may sound.

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