Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh, Canada!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Sarah Palin is one of the most maligned (and deservedly so) politicians in the annals of American history, and just the mention of her name brings a smile to the faces of millions as they anticipate the joke that is likely to follow.  This week Palin, who was too lazy and self-centered to complete even one term as governor of Alaska, again made the news when word broke that her good buddy, Donald Trump, was thinking about appointing her as the United States Ambassador to Canada.  When asked about that absurdity at a White House press briefing, Sean Spicer fueled speculation that it might be true when he failed to deny that it wasn't.

Sarah Palin as an ambassador on the world diplomatic stage?  The mind reels!

Twitter, Donald Trump's home away from home, literally went up in flames at the news.  There were bursts of anger and shame from some U.S. residents with the general sentiment being that sending Palin to Ottawa was no way to treat a friend.  But the tweeters north of the border accepted the looming insult with a surprising degree of  good humor.

One Canuck wrote that Palin would be welcome, but hoped that she would learn Canadian before she arrived.  Another was a bit less snarky and stated simply that the incoming ambassador should learn one of Canada's two official languages - either French or English.  Either goal might be difficult for Sarah to attain.  She is more into shooting moose from helicopters than she is book-learning.

Another wag reported that he heard Sarah was interested in the job, and that she had hopped a plane to Europe in order to check out Canada in person.  But that's just silly.  Palin knows where Canada is.  She once admitted that as a little girl she and her family would slip across the border into Canada to take advantage of the country's free medical care.

Still another Canadian pined for the notion of Canada building a huge wall across its southern border to keep the riffraff out.  No word yet on whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would expect the United States to pay for it or not.

And one thoughtful Canadian even posited the notion that Canada could reciprocate in kind and make Justin Bieber their ambassador to the United States!  That is unlikely to happen because Canada is better than that.

Sending Sarah Palin to Canada isn't exactly an act of war, but it would be an egregious insult to a long-standing ally and a good neighbor.  Canada deserves better  - and so do we!


JP said...

As always, well said, Rocky. I'm really looking for a silver lining in this situation......there must be one......ah yes, we'll get to see more of Tina Fey!

Marianne Love said...

And, she was born in our town of Sandpoint. In fact, I even wrote a couple of stories about her. Still?????

Pa Rock said...


I would love to read your stories about Sarah P. Are they on-line?

Rocky Macy