Friday, February 24, 2017

Morning in Trump's America

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Those hoping for at least a modicum of restraint and sanity to be in evidence in the Trump administration have by now, no doubt, realized their folly.   Don the Con, ably enabled by his staff of serious sycophants, has moved swiftly to ensure that the needs and concerns of the ultra wealthy and corporate America are the national priority.  The fattest cats in America stoked the Trump campaign with cash, and now they are busy collecting on their investment.

But there were some other important investors in the Trump campaign.

America's morally rigid fundamentalist Christians managed to overlook the naked photos of Mrs. Trump that were all over the internet - and ignore The Donald's boorish and adolescent boasts about "pussy grabbing" - and vote for him anyway. And those "good Christians" also expected payback for their votes.

While the national Republican party has expressed a desire to move on past the culture wars that have fed red meat to their more conservative elements in the past, America's religious conservatives have no intention of letting go of the political hot potatoes that have fed their congregations for years.  Trump was with them on the biggie - abortion - but two other contentious issues - gay rights and legalized weed - have been more problematic.  Trump showed his political nature by managing to be on both sides of those issues.

During the campaign, candidate Trump said he would protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans from violence and oppression.  And the words of support for LGBT did not stop there.  As President, he went on to declare that he would continue enforcing an executive order that Obama issued to protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination.  Trump was also all over the place with his pronouncements on pot.

But fear not, Oh Children of the Omnipotent White God, for Don the Con is with you.

This week Donald Trump, with what appears to be an abundance of moral backbone supplied by his racist and homophobic attorney general, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, has moved decisively to re-engage in America's culture wars.  First up was transgender rights.  Officials from the Justice and Education Departments informed the Supreme Court yesterday that the administration was ordering schools to disregard Obama era memos on transgender rights.  Many see that abrupt move as not only being in contravention to sexual safeguards intended with Title IX, but also as a situation that will place transgender students in harm's way.

But Trump the Bully has spoken, and bullies everywhere will have many, many more targets on which to employ their terror.

What's next, Donzo?  Stacking the Supreme Court to the point that it reverses itself on gay marriage? 

Another area which has always been of concern to Trump's backbone, Jeff Sessions, is recreational drug use.  Sessions once famously said that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was okay until her learned that some of its members smoked pot.  Yesterday, Trump's mouthpiece, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, felt the need to remind reporters that regardless of what some states have done in legalizing pot usage, it is still illegal according to federal statutes - and he said those pot-tolerant states would soon be reminded of the seriousness of their electoral folly.

Stand your ground, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and the District of Columbia!

And for those who can't quench their blood lust with mere culture wars, Trump has something for you as well.   He wants to re-institute a nuclear arms race, one in which America is preeminent with more nukes than any other country - or, as Mr. Eloquence puts it, "top of the pack."

It's morning in Donald Trump's America.  Someone please hit the snooze alarm.

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