Thursday, February 9, 2017

In Praise of a Persistent Woman

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When Mitch McConnell and his party "silenced" Senator Elizabeth Warren from speaking on the Sessions' nomination to be Attorney General, he essentially told her to sit down, shut up, and quit interfering in men's work.   The Senate's churlish little-old-lady in residence, Lindsey Graham, was quick to rush to the turtle's defense, arguing that Warren was long overdue for a slap-down.

McConnell, who despite his outward appearance is no dummy, knew that by silencing Warren he was, in effect, releasing a raging storm that would howl through the Halls of Congress, ignite the press, and blast across the American landscape energizing females and their supporters from sea to shining sea.   McConnell understood that by singling out Elizabeth Warren and trying to humiliate her, he would be instrumental in establishing her as the most powerful figure in the Democratic Party.

And Mitch's turtle sense told him that it was a smart move.  Warren, he reasoned, was far too radical to ever pose a serious threat to a candidate with the political gravitas of a Donald Trump.  Mitch assumed he was helping to create a monster, but one which could be easily defeated in 2020.

Some candidates, after all, are just too "out there" to ever be taken seriously.  Consider the case of Ronald Reagan thinking that the country would possibly elect a B-movie actor to the highest office in the land.  Ridiculous!  Or Barack Obama, a colored man, for God's sake!  There are places for Negroes in the big house that slaves helped to build, just not upstairs as part of the First Family.  The thought of a black man in the Oval Office was just ludicrous!  And a misogynistic, xenophobic, narcissistic scam-artist with the temperament of a junior high bully becoming President.  No way, Jose!

Those were things that Mitch knew, and things that much of America took for granted - and they were wrong.  Now Mitch deftly moves to control Democratic politics by turning the glare of the spotlight on a woman whom he is sure could never be elected President by the America he knows and loves - and he fails to realize that the ground beneath his feet is again shifting.

Elizabeth Warren will have her day, Mitch, and she probably would have had it even without your unkind assist.  You probably need to check in with Elaine a bit more often and get some sense of the surging resentment against patrimony that is rushing forth across our great land.

Hillary Clinton may have lost the Presidency, but she won the popular vote by a margin of nearly three million.  Hillary had some enthusiastic supporters, and she also had some unenthusiastic ones, like me, who reluctantly voted for her in order to stave off an Orwellian takeover by Trump.   But Hillary was never able to develop that "fierce sense of urgency" (Dr. King) that was needed to stem the rising tide of ignorance that eventually floated the Alt Right into the White House.

Elizabeth Warren is brilliant, eloquent, and tough - and she understands the full urgency of the perils that face our country.  She will air her views in the Senate, on Wall Street, at Boston's Logan Airport, and on the streets of America.    Elizabeth Warren is unafraid to speak truth to power, and she will persist!

Mitch, buddy, this might be a good time to hunker down in your shell and try to get some sleep - because things out in the real world are about to get noisy!

And Lindsey, you need to get back to your knitting.

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Helen said...

You nailed it!
Stronger together!
From an ardent fan and supporter of Hillary.