Saturday, February 18, 2017

Missouri's Highway Horrification Peters Out

by Pa Rock
Weary Road Warrior

I made a trip across southwest Missouri today, the first since my close friend was hospitalized and subsequently passed away last November.  At that time the rolling hills of the Ozarks were festooned with Trump/Pence signs - everything from the standard yard-size to vulgar billboard displays - and many cars were branded with Trump bumper stickers.    Now, I am pleased to report most of that trash has disappeared.   I did see one fairly large Trump/Pence sign (approx. 2-feet by 3 feet) cobbled to a larger billboard, but that was all.  During the jaunt of almost four hundred miles, I did not have to endure any other reminders of our national embarrassment!  Even the bumper stickers are gone!

I did try to return one nice yard sign that I had up in support of a local independent candidate for state representative.  The lady, who ran a tough race against a well-funded and entrenched local yokel, told me, rather dejectedly, to keep the sign and either properly dispose of it or turn it into a yard sale sign.   It's always sad to see a valiant effort in democracy reduced to promoting a yard sale.

Missouri's new Republican governor has already joined forces with our veto-proof Republican legislature and made Missouri the 28th right-to-work state in the nation.  (Now we are right up their with the likes of Alabama and Oklahoma - yea team!)  If there is any semblance of collective bargaining or labor protections left in the state, Governor Greitens has almost four full years left in which to destroy it.  All of that - and disappearing medical coverage.  (I dreamed that I was in hillbilly heaven!)

But hey, at least the most offensive trash along the roadways is disappearing - and will soon be replaced by the flowers of spring!  Blooming daffodils to subsume the last vestiges of the blooming idiots!

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