Thursday, June 5, 2014

Westward Ho! (Day Seven)

by Pa Rock
Wagon Master

This evening officially completes our first week on the road.  We had one down day in Kansas City, but the other six have been spent in some fairly rugged travel.  The oxen pulling the wagon are about ready for another day of rest and recuperation.

Today we put in a full five hundred miles - that's really hoofing it!  We began the morning at Idaho Falls, Idaho, and are camped tonight at a Rodeway Inn in Boardman, Oregon.  Our destination, Salem, Oregon, should be within sight before noon tomorrow - or thereabouts.

Last night we had the nicest - and cheapest - room of the trip.  It was an almost new Motel 6.  They did allow pets, which I regard as bad motel policy, but our room appeared to be clear of fleas.  The only problem occurred in the very middle of the night when the fire alarm in our room went off and scared the bejezzus out of me!

Tonight we are at a Rodeway Inn which is filled primarily with construction workers who are  employed building new lanes on the Interstate.  This place does not allow pets.  (If Maw and Paw can check into Motel 6 with a pair of little yappy dogs (like our neighbors last night), then I guess I should  be able to keep of couple of chickens in my room.  I may have to try that sometime.

One new thing that I have noticed in Idaho and Oregon is what I call "truck trains."  Today I observed a dozen or so large trucks that were pulling three separate trailers - like a short train.  I counted seven from the Fed Ex company alone, and a couple of those were really fighting the wind.

We didn't stop anywhere today for tourist purposes, but we did get out and take a few pictures of the lava fields surrounding Craters of the Moon Park in southern Idaho.

Salem, tomorrow!

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