Friday, June 6, 2014

Westward Ho! (Day Eight)

by Pa Rock
Wagon Master

We arrived at our destination - Salem, Oregon - before noon today.  Boone has spent the afternoon at the beach with his grandmother, and I have busied myself playing with my three grandchildren who live here.  It has been a very busy day!

Our drive this morning from Boardman to Salem was about two hundred miles, but most of it ran along the banks of the Columbia River, one of the nation's most beautiful waterways.  I found myself humming and whistling Woody Guthrie's "Roll On Columbia" during much of the drive!

I drove the same route back in 1986, and it looks almost the same now as it did then.  One big difference, however, is the addition of hundreds of utility windmills on both sides of the river.   Oregon and Washington both  appear to be very "green."  At one point we did cross over to the Washington side of the river so that Boone could add another state to list that he has visited.   The oxen did not seem to mind the old metal bridge at all!

Current plans are to remain in Salem until Monday morning and then begin the long trek home.

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