Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eastward Ho! (Day Thirteen)

by Pa Rock
Wagon Master

Today we crossed the rest of Nevada, all of Utah (at the narrow end), and made it more than one hundred miles into Wyoming.  We are staying in Rock Springs.

The trek eastward was fairly uneventful today.  As we crested a hill preparing to enter Utah, we were greeted with endless stretches of white that looked like fields of snow.  It was the Bonneville Salt Flats where many land speed records have been set.  We could see several sets of tire tracks heading off onto the salt plains and then cutting curly-cues, so the area appears to still be used for vehicular acting out.

We also came across several dead deer on the roadways.  Interstate 80 must not be an especially good place for animals to frolic.

Today's drive took us past the Great Salt Lake, through Salt Lake City, and on up into beautiful Park City, Utah.  We had a nice lunch in Park City at the local Wendy's.  I heartily recommend the new Strawberry Fields salad.

We are camped at another Motel 6 - second night in a row.  We have stayed in three on this trip - all recently remodeled and quite nice.  They are the cheapest chain on the trail.  This morning we received a wake-up call from Tom Beaudet.  He said, "Good morning.  You've just won ten million dollars!  No, just kidding - but it's time to get up!"

That Tom is quite a card!

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