Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Missouri Commonsense: Lake Ozark Bans "Open Carry"

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Lake Ozark, Missouri, is the second biggest tourist destination in Missouri, with the first being Branson.  In a noble effort to keep from scaring off those valuable visitors, the Board of Aldermen of Lake Ozark passed a bill to maintain safety and a sane public demeanor.  The Board passed, on a 4-2 vote, local legislation that would prohibit the "open carry" of weapons within the city limits.

Right on cue, some of the locals have begun whining about their Second Amendment "rights" being trampled, and labeling the action of the Board of Alderman as being "tyranny."

The Missouri legislature, that august body that shamed itself by placing a bronze bust of Rush Limbaugh's head in the Capitol's "Hall of Famous Missourians," has taken issue with city's ability to set its own standards for public behavior.  The state senate recently passed a bill that would prohibit local communities, like Lake Ozark, from being able to ban "open carry."  So far, the show-me state's Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, has not signed the bill.

Stand strong, Governor Nixon.   Missouri should let it's counties, cities, towns, and villages decide whether they want armed morons roaming their sidewalks and businesses - or not.  That is just commonsense -  and having commonsense is something that has always been a point of pride with Missourians.

And Governor, after we get this issue behind us, what are we going to do about that god-awful bronze bust of Rush Limbaugh's fat head?

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