Saturday, June 7, 2014

Westward Ho! (Day Nine)

by Pa Rock
Wagon Master

Boone has spent today in Portland with his grandmother, Aunt Molly, and Cousin Sebastian enjoying the Rose Festival and the other things Portland has to offer.   I, on the other hand, have been sitting by a stream washing my clothes in the clear Oregon waters, and hanging them up to dry in the low limbs of an old spruce - and now everything is clean and ready for the trip home!

Scott and I took Judah and Willow to Salem's Riverfront Park this afternoon where they ran in two different directions to play on all of the playground equipment.   My focus was keeping an eye on little Willow to make sure she did not fall off of anything or disappear among the many other kids who were ranging over and about the playground like ants on pie.  Willow loves to slide and does not seem to have any fear.

We also took a turn on the park's beautiful carousel.  Today happened to be the carousel's birthday, so rides were discounted - and all of the horses were wearing birthday party hats!  I tried to hold Willow onto her horse, but she kept pushing my hand away.  Such an independent young lady!

Boone and I are staying at the local HoJo's where we were given their "last room" at a reduced rate.  It is actually a suite, so even at a reduced rate it still stretches the budget.  But it is nice to sort of be able to spread our stuff out.  Some of the rooms in which we have stayed on this trip barely had room for our luggage!

(It is amazing the amount of "last rooms" we have been able to rent on this trip.  It almost feels like it could be a sales gimmick!)

We will start the long trip home on Monday.  I am getting anxious to see all of my feathered friends back on the farm.  I hope they remember me!


molly. said...

Scott told me about Willow & Judah running towards one another & embracing with a big hug, ha! And everyone walking hand-in-hand. I can't believe I missed all of that! Judah has been wanting to go back to that park for quite a while - he loves walking over the train tracks there. And yes, Willow is fearless! That has been gradually getting worse.. she has to hit a stopping point soon, right?? All of sudden she is CLIMBING structures on the playground that aren't meant for a 2 year old to climb! How cool that it was the Carousel's birthday! I hope somebody got pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory for you and your grandson. Wishing you continued safe travels and ever increasing adventures while you head home. Peace Nefredia!