Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guns for the Glory of God

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A small "Christian" church in Joplin, Missouri, got it's fifteen minutes of fame recently for a Father's Day stunt in which the church gave away two AR-15 rifles to two young fathers.   A spokesman for the church said that they were trying to attract more men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five into the congregation.  Earlier attempts to lure the same demographic included setting later service times so the Saturday night revelers could crawl out of bed and make it to church on time, creating a band which played loud religious rock music, and hiring a minister with tattoos and a mohawk.

This is the way the drawing for the rifles worked:  Young men who showed up for the Father's Day service received a ticket for the drawing.  They also got a ticket if they brought their father to church that day, and they got a ticket for each of their children that they brought to church.  The more children they brought to church - the better their chances of winning a semi-automatic assault weapon.  Nice.

One of the men who won a rifle on Father's Day stated to the press:   "Firearm ownership does not equate to violence."  No, it doesn't - at least not at the level of a 100% correlation.  But, firearm ownership does increase the likelihood of violence.  Little kids get wounded and killed every day because of their parents' firearm ownership.  Firearm ownership also does not equate to safety, protection, independence, godliness, or sex appeal - though many would argue it enhances some or all of those attributes.

What was the sermon about on Father's Day as the two lucky winners sat smiling in the pews stroking their new guns?  Was it "Love they neighbor?"  Or could it have been "Turn the other cheek?"  How about "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's?"   Or possibly even "Thou shalt not kill?"  No, probably not.  This sounds more like "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" crowd.

I hope the two new AR-15 owners are responsible and keep the weapons locked away from their children.    And please God, give them the maturity to be able to run to Target or  Home Depot without pretending to be Rambo!

Reverend Mohawk, if this goes south, you own it.

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