Monday, April 22, 2013

Putting Faces to Victims

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The terrifying reality of the bombings at the Boston Marathon becomes even more horrific as we begin to hear the individual stories of the victims, people who were out doing nothing more than enjoying an afternoon in the sun and celebrating Patriot's Day and the end of a great race.

My grandson, Sebastian, attends the Buttercup Pre-School in Salem, Oregon.  One of the staff members at that school had a "niece and nephew" who were at the finish line in Boston when the first bomb went off, and yesterday that teacher sent home an update.  Her relatives, Adam and Adrianne Davis, both received serious injuries.  Adam, an Air Force Captain, had just returned safely from a tour in Afghanistan, and received shrapnel wounds to his leg from the Boston bomb.   Adrianne, a dance instructor with Arthur Murray studios, lost part of her foot in the blast and her foot had to be amputated.

Actually, that is more information than was contained in yesterday's memo to Buttercup parents.  I learned the rest in a long and emotional interview with the two victims on National Public Radio this afternoon.  It's a tale steeped in irony and sadness.  A military man who managed to avoid IEDs for months in a war zone comes home and is injured in a roadside blast - and a woman who taught others how to glide across a ballroom floor will now have to re-learn how to walk on her own.


That question needs to be answered.

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