Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alone Again, Naturally

by Pa Rock
Solitary Being

This morning I took my daughter, Molly, and her daughter, Willow, to Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix for their flight back to Oregon - thus ending my longest continuous visit with other humans in many years.   Company began arriving on March 17th in preparation for my heart surgery on March 19th, and from that day to this someone has been here with me on a continuous basis.  It has been a reassurance and a blessing to know that so many cared enough to give up time with their own families to come out to Arizona and look after me.

Tim actually started the process when he travelled to Arizona in late February to be with me during the angiogram - the event that foretold the surgery.  Molly came out on March 17th to be here the week of the surgery.  My sister, Gail, surprised us by showing up the night before the surgery.  I know that she was good company for Molly while I was out of it.  Gail had to leave two days later.  Nick came out on my birthday (March 23rd) and joined Molly and me at the hospital.  Molly left the next day - and Nick stayed a week.  He was the one who drove me home.  Gail followed Nick out for two weeks, and Molly and Willow were here for a week after her.

And now they are all gone.

I am back at work, driving, and feeling much healthier in many respects.  I don't recommend heart surgery to anyone, but if you have to undergo it, try to make sure that you have a good support team in place.  It makes all the difference in the world!

Thank you, Team Macy.  I love you all!

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