Sunday, April 7, 2013

Admission, a Review

by Pa Rock
Film Fan

Another Sunday, another Sunday afternoon special at the local movie theatre.   It is the one day a week when tickets are a bit cheaper and patron's can get popcorn and sodas for only about three times what they are worth outside of the theatre.  Normal pricing is five to six times the local market value.

My local theatre is the Palm Valley Cinema and it is owned by Dickinson Company.  That is the same company which owned two theaters where I worked in my youth (the Ozark in Noel, MO, and the Tower in Springfield, MO).  I always feel and affinity for the young kids racing to bag popcorn and fill drink cups, remembering my own time behind the counter trying to keep the customers happy and the line moving.

Today my sister and I saw Admission, a comedy/drama about the personal issues besetting an admissions counselor at Princeton University.  The movie was generally panned by critics, many of whom felt Tina Fey was the wrong person to cast as the central character.  I, however, beg to disagree. Ms. Fey brought a high level of humanity and believability to the role.  This movie represents a successful transition from television to the big screen for the very versatile Tina Fey.

The other two acting standouts were Paul Rudd as a counselor/teacher in an off-beat alternative school, and legendary comedienne Lilly Tomlin who played Ms. Fey's quirky mother.

The writing on this movie is strong and smart.  The story is based on a novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and Karen Croner wrote the screenplay.  I found myself being surprised by plot twists several times during the film, and there were a good number of laugh-out-loud moments.

The national critics missed the mark on Admission.  It is a fine piece of realistic, yet funny, entertainment - and it is well worth the price of a ticket, particularly on a Sunday.

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