Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cabin Fever

by Pa Rock

Today marks three weeks since my open heart surgery.  While I realize that I am not fully recovered, progress has been rapid.  I can now walk around the block where I live several times a day, and I have been on road trips in and around Phoenix for doctor visits, grocery shopping, three movies, and a stage play.  All of that is good.  Still, I tend to get winded, especially in the mornings, occasionally get dizzy. and tire easily.  So there is more recuperating to be done.

My most enduring problem, however, is a psychological one commonly known as "cabin fever."  Life at home tends toward the mundane and predictable, and few people venture over to visit.  It is probably a case of "Oh, my God.  He just had heart surgery.  We better not bother him!"

Bother me, people!  I am inventing and contriving reasons to get out of the house - just for a change of scenery.  All diversions are encouraged and welcome!

When I taught school many years ago in a rural section of Howell County, Missouri, we would have several "snow days" a year.   (Country schools at that time had many more snow days than city schools because the snow would bend young trees over onto the country dirt roads and the buses couldn't get through.)  And snow days were great.  We got to sleep in, play with the kids, and catch up on numerous chores.  Those surprise breaks were wonderful - for about three days.  After that he house began closing in on us and cabin fever set in.  Before long we were yearning to be back at school, teaching, visiting with our friends, rubbing elbows with humanity, and getting on with our lives.

I long for those things now.

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