Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Terrorists Are Taken Down

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The nation has been transfixed today watching events unfold in Boston as federal, state, and local police brought highly effective combined efforts to bear in killing one of the two Boston Marathon bombers and capturing the other.  Superior police work brought resolution of the catastrophic terrorist bombing in a mere five days.  It was amazing!

The bombers were apparently two young Chechen brothers who have been residing in the United States for the past decade.  While their motives are not yet clear, the capture of the younger brother, aged nineteen, leaves open the probability that much will soon be known as to why the brothers unleashed hell on the runners and spectators in Boston last Monday.

Chechnya is a Russian Republic that has seen been the source of some horrendous terrorism in Russia over the past decade.  There is nothing as of yet to indicate that the massacre in Boston was rooted in ethnic or religious strife in Chechnya.

(I was in Russia fourteen years ago this month.  One of the scariest moments of that trip occurred as a group of us were getting on our hotel elevator in Moscow after dinner one evening.  As the elevator door was preparing to close, a nicely dressed young man got on.  He was immediately followed on to the elevator and confronted by another nicely dressed young man.  They held the doors open as they began yelling at one another.  Both were angry enough that we expected weapons to be drawn.  The encounter continued for a couple of minutes before one of the men exited.    Our Russian guide who was also on the elevator told us later that the two young men were "Chechen gangsters.")

But that was fourteen years ago - and Boston is now.

Good work, Boston - and God Bless!

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