Friday, April 5, 2013

Puffed Up Like a Proud Old Toad!

by Pa Rock
Proud Parent

By now anybody who is anybody knows that my son, Tim, authored a screenplay (based on an original short story of his) for a movie called The Brass Teapot.  That movie is available "on demand" just about everywhere, and tonight it opens in theaters for a limited engagement in New York and Los Angeles.  

(My daughter, Molly, also reports that she has seen it advertised for theatre release in Portland, Oregon. Go Portlandia!)

Around noon today I received a hurried telephone message from my nephew, Reed Smith, saying that he had seen it mentioned on the MSN homepage.  When I relayed that message to Tim, he said that he had heard that there were reviews in today's New York Times and Wall Street Journal.  I hurriedly beat a path to the local Barnes and Noble where I was able to purchase the last two copies of each of those papers.  Both reviews turned out to be far less brilliant than Tim's screenplay - but they did spell his name right - and, as Tim reminded me, all publicity is good publicity.

I learned later that The Brass Teapot was also reviewed in today's Variety at   That review was very positive, and -  again - it had the screenwriter's name spelled correctly!

My dad was a faithful subscriber to the Wall Street Journal for years.  He would have been so proud to have seen his grandson's name in print in his favorite newspaper.  And I'm mighty damned proud myself!

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