Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cherry Blossom Time in Marshfield

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I heard a report on National Public Radio this morning about an annual celebration in the small Ozark town of Marshfield, Missouri.  I know Marshfield well, so when I heard it mentioned, I sat up and paid attention.  It seems that a few years ago one of the residents had the idea to plant a bunch of cherry trees, and then invite descendants of U.S. Presidents out to Marshfield to enjoy the annual spring bloomage.  Somehow or another, the event became successful.

Today not only do descendants of many U.S. Presidents visit Marshfield each spring to enjoy the cherry blossoms, but the descendants of other historic notables show up as well.  The NPR report talked about a multi-great grandchild of famous slave Dred Scott sharing a breakfast in Marshfield with a multi-great grandchild of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Surprisingly, the community of Marshfield has a presidential history that goes beyond the cherry blossom event..  President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara visited the town for a 4th of July parade just after the very brief first Gulf War.  I was in the audience that day watching the President and First Lady, along with a host of Missouri Republican trolls, standing in a bandbox saluting an endless stream of military vehicles loaded with men and women in uniform circling the Marshfield square.

It was very patriotic, motivating, and a lot of fun.  (I heard a rumor that there is a large photo of me in the town's official souvenir book of the event - but I've never seen it.  I'm sure GHWB didn't mind sharing the glory!)

Good luck with your celebration, Marshfield.  It sound's like a good opportunity to sit down and rewrite a little history.

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