Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best First Family Ever

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday was "Black Friday," a day for herd-shopping in the big box stores, and next Monday has been traditionally set aside for shopping on the Internet.  It goes by the clever moniker "Cyber Monday."  Now there is even a "Small Business Saturday" sandwiched between the other two to focus on shopping with merchants who are not associated with national chain stores.

Today President Obama made news by taking his daughters to a privately owned bookstore, One More Page Books, in Arlington, Virginia, to do some holiday shopping.  He made a purchase of fifteen children's books to use as Christmas gifts.

It was a year ago this week that the President and his daughters stopped by one on my favorite bookstores, Kramerbooks at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC, to do Christmas shopping.  I noted that visit in this space with the following comment:

"President Obama has had only one wife, with no hint of scandal in the marriage.  He spends time with his children and is involved in their lives on a very positive basis, and he even lets his mother-in-law live with the family.  I think that when it comes to real family values, the President has it nailed."
The President is the political and military leader of our nation, and he and his family are also strongly representative of who we are as a people.  The Obama's set a wonderful example and show our very best face to the rest of the world.

America truly has a "first" family, one in which we can take a great deal of pride.

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Don said...

Amen, brother

We finally have a president who can inspire as well as lead us.