Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Political Sweets

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There is big political news out of Florida today where world class whiner and departing congressman Allen West has finally conceded defeat to his Democratic challenger, Patrick Murphy.   Poor Allen.  He spent $10 million in teabagger donations trying to get re-elected and still lost!

Here is a sweeter bit of irony to come out of the general election:  the nationwide Romney-Ryan popular vote total looks like it is going to settle right around forty-seven percent!  Forty-seven percent, Mitt!  Would you like a shot of whiskey with that bitter pill?    Maybe you should have offered gifts to more than just your rich country club friends!

And this nugget is perhaps the sweetest of all.   Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the pride and joy of Janesville, Wisconsin, failed to carry his hometown in his congressional race - and in the presidential race.    Ryan won the congressional race, but in the city of Janesville, his iconic small town base, he pulled only 44% of the vote!  The Republican presidential ticket did even worse in Janesville, taking in only 37% of the vote - and at the Hedberg Public Library, the place where Paul Ryan himself votes, Romney-Ryan took in just 34% of the vote.  Those are Paul's friends and neighbors!

It's a safe bet that Paul Ryan will carry his groundswell of public support into Iowa a couple of winters from now - and hell, Allen West may too!

How sweet it is!


Don said...

From here in Florida, there's a groundswell of relief that one more bigoted bastard has bitten the political dust.

Xobekim said...

Alan West can take his dementia on the new extreme right wing vaudeville, you know FOX NEWS. He'll play the part of Uncle Tom with a side of Joe McCarthy thrown in for spice.

He will be out of Congress, but not out of the hearts of the lunatic fringe masquerading as the Republican Party.