Wednesday, November 21, 2012

By the Seashore, By the Beautiful Sea

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Last month while I was in San Diego visiting my sweet Aunt Mary, she took me for a drive northward along the coast to the ritzy seaside community of La Jolla.  The further north we went, the more beautiful the homes got, and the more expensive the gasoline became.    When we arrived in La Jolla we passed a Shell station that was advertising its gas for $4.97 a gallon.  Aunt Mary remarked that it was the highest we had seen, and then in an aside directed at the high-toned beach community of La Jolla, she added, "Any you know it would be here."

Today there was a picture popping up all over the Internet of Mitt Romney pumping his own gas at a Shell station in La Jolla.  And while there are possibly multiple Shell stations in the area, I am sure in my own mind that he was standing at the one my Aunt Mary and I had lightly denigrated at just weeks before.

A local person snapped the picture of Mitt pumping his own gas and noted in the story accompanying the photo that he had talked to the former Republican standard bearer for "a good three minutes."  He described the rich politician as looking "tired and washed up."


My own thoughts on the matter are that if Mitt had pumped a little more of his own gas during the election season (and a little less of the tea party's), things might have gone differently a couple of weeks ago.  He seemed to struggle endlessly with trying to identify with the common man.   What better way to do that than whip into a 7-Eleven and gas up your SUV?

But no matter how hard Mitt might have wanted to be seen as Joe Six Pack, it just doesn't come easy to someone who has floated through life on a raft of privilege.

The home that the Romney's bought in La Jolla four years ago for $12 million, sits along sixty-one feet of Pacific Ocean beachfront and is 3,000 square feet in size.    He and Ann are preparing to have it torn down and replaced with a place four times as large  - a house where the now infamous $55,000 car elevator will be installed.  Their California neighbors are not impressed - or pleased.

One gay couple who own a house nearby were asked by Romney's attorneys to sign a statement saying that they have no objection to the expansion - a move that will destroy much of their current ocean view.   The couple declined to sign - probably for multiple reasons.  Another neighbor was subjected to a lecture by Mitt himself when the presidential candidate came upon him on the beach smoking pot and and imbibing in some alcohol.  Mr. Romney asked him to not do that, and a day or so later the police came by and told him the same thing.  They said "neighbors" had been complaining.

One of the established residents of the neighborhood questioned why the Romney's would want to live there at all.  That neighbor described the area as "progressive."

Obviously God is real - and she has a really wicked sense of humor!

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