Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Arizona Voter

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Holly Solomon of Gilbert, Arizona, was not pleased with the re-election of President Obama last week.  In fact, it would be fair to characterize her as extremely pissed off (or perhaps homicidally pissed off) at the President's big win.  According to news reports out here in the Scorpion State, Holly Solomon believed that her family was going to "face hardship" as a result of Obama winning the presidency for a second term.

Ms. Solomon somehow came to the conclusion that Obama won the election because her husband Daniel slept in on election day and did not vote.  (Note:  Votes are still being tallied in Maricopa County, but Romney appears to have won the state decisively - by nearly 200,000 votes.)

But Holly blamed her snoozing husband.

Holly confronted Daniel in a Phoenix parking lot and, according to witnesses, a lot of yelling ensued before Holly climbed into her Jeep and began trying to run him down.    Daniel took refuge behind a lamp post as his wife raced past him - still yelling.   After a couple of angry passes, Daniel decided to make a break for it and took off running.    That's when she got him.

Witnesses said she hit her husband with the Jeep, pinning him beneath the vehicle on a curb.

Daniel Solomon was taken to a Scottsdale Hospital in critical condition.  His injuries are very serious and he may be permanently disfigured.  Holly Solomon was arrested and her bond was set at $50,000.

So yes, her family is facing quite a hardship as a result of the election.

The problem was not that Daniel Solomon failed to vote.  As the Phoenix New Times aptly pointed out, he would have had to voted around 200,000 times to have actually made a difference.  The problem obviously was that Holly did vote.    Mitt Romney needs to scratch her vote from his total because Holly Solomon clearly lacked the calm and thoughtful perspective that a responsible voter should possess.

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