Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Looms

by Pa Rock
Holiday Reveler

One of my co-workers asked, quite innocently, last week if I had plans for Thanksgiving.  I gave a quick and honest two-word answer:  "Cracker Barrel."  She appeared to be mortified at my response, but the joke is on her because Cracker Barrel has a very good holiday meal.  In fact, I was talking to my sister today and learned that while I am enjoying Thanksgiving turkey at the Goodyear, Arizona, Cracker Barrel, she will likely be dining with the same franchise in Naples, Florida.

I have had a few sad holiday meals during my six decades, probably none more so than Christmas dinner in 2008 which I enjoyed sitting at the counter of a Denny's - the only place in West Phoenix that had the cajones to make their employees come to work on Christmas day!

But Thanksgiving is looking more and more like Cracker Barrel.  My back-up plan is to take a road trip.  There are two places in New Mexico located relatively close to one another which I have always wanted to visit:  Roswell and Carlsbad Caverns.  Round trip would be about 1,200 miles, so that may be a bit much for four days.

Cracker Barrel or a road trip?  What would Squanto do?

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