Saturday, November 10, 2012

Allen West: The Biggest Loser

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The 2012 election came and went four days ago, but there are still some things undecided - such as who won in Arizona's 2nd and 9th congressional districts.  As of the moment, Democrats are leading in both races, but the margins are so narrow that things could change.  If those results do hold, Arizona will have two Republican Senators, five Democratic congressmen, and four Republican congressmen.

The Republicans are boasting that they will control the next House of Representatives, but the two remaining seats in Arizona may reduce their majority.  Also, some of their more notorious Republican members lost their bids for re-election this week., so their caucus will be a little less flamboyant.   Mary Bono Mack's California constituents finally got tired of being represented in Congress by a Floridian.  Infamous deadbeat dad, Joe Walsh of Illinois. was defeated by Tammy Duckworth, a war hero and former fighter pilot, and, in the sweetest congressional result from last Tuesday, obnoxious congressman Allen West of Florida was retired by a mandate of the voters.

West, a tea-bagger who gained fame for making an outrageous and patently false statement that he knew of eighty or so communists in Congress, was a regular blowhard on Fox News over the past two years who fashioned himself as a national political figure.  He became a legend in his own mind, but the voters in his district were apparently not as impressed with West as he was with himself.  He was defeated in a bid for a second term on Tuesday by Democrat Patrick Murphy.  With all ballots now counted, West lost that election by 2,429 votes.

Allen West is not a gracious loser.  He has gone to court in an effort to have the ballots and voting machines seized for a recount.   Palm Beach County has already thrown his case out, and St. Lucie County is expected to follow suit within the next few days.

Democracy may not be perfect, Mr. West, but it is often functional enough to correct its mistakes.  You, sir, were brought to the show by the democratic process, and now that same process has sent you back to the minor leagues.  Accept your fate and quit whining.

Congratulations Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy!  

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Don said...

Allen West makes many of us Floridians embarrassed that he's had any part whatever in the governance of our state.