Wednesday, May 30, 2012

United Airline's President's Club: Fit for a Romney, But Damned Few Others!

by Pa Rock
Globe Hobbler

Wednesday evening finds me still in Guam sitting in the hallway outside of the United Airline's President's Club -  shamelessly stealing their Wi-Fi service.  I tried to gain entry to the club, but was turned back by a recent street walker turned club supervisor who assured me that I was not good enough to enter.  As I relieved the member's-only candy dish of a handful of peppermints, I mangled a line from Groucho Marx and told the officious bitch that it did not seem like the type of club that I would want to join anyway.

After being turned away by Her Nibs, I did go down to the airport snack bar where the commoners gather.  It is quite the proletariat watering hole - lots of noise and action - and no one, absolutely no one - bothers to take their trash to the trash cans.  The airport snack bar is a true slice of local culture, and quite enjoyable.  (If anyone from the Romney Klan walked in there, they would be afraid to touch anything, much less sit down and eat!)  Their loss.

The sun is setting, and I am ready to fly back to Okinawa.

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