Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Packed and Waiting

.by Pa Rock

It's early Wednesday afternoon on Guam.  My bags are packed and I am waiting in the lobby of the Hilton for Valerie to finish her massage.  We will go someplace for lunch and then drive to Andersen Air Force Base where we will drop off our friend's car.  From there we will catch a ride to the airport with some Air Force personnel - and expect to be back on Okinawa later this evening.

I have tomorrow off so that I can finish some of the business associated with getting myself and my stuff out of the Far East a few weeks from now.  Friday I will return to work for a one-day work week.

The days are beginning to rush by, and that is for the best because I am becoming homesick and anxious to return to the United States - even to the furnace room of hell - Phoenix, Arizona!

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