Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heading for Guam, Again!

by Pa Rock
World Traveler

It has been a very busy day, one in which I have focused on getting things wrapped up at home and at the office so that I would have a fairly clean conscience as Valerie and I take flight to Guam later tonight.  It will be our second visit to America's furthest-flung possession.  We were also on Guam over Thanksgiving.

My morning began with five emails from five different government and moving company functionaries regarding the shipment of my household goods back to the states.  It is apparently going to be one of those processes!  I did have the presence of mind to request one extra day of vacation beyond the end of this trip so that I could deal with those and any other issues that bubble up during my absence.

It is getting uncomfortably muggy on Okinawa, and the six-month typhoon season officially begins next week.  The dry heat of Phoenix will certainly take some getting used to!

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