Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guam Again!

by Pa Rock
World Traveler

Those of you who follow my Far Eastern travel adventures on the Okinawan blog ( know three things for certain:  I love to travel, I love to take pictures, and I am way behind in getting my pictures posted to the blog.  In fact, only about two-thirds of the photos that I took in Taiwan (February) have made it onto the blog thus far.  A few more are posted each weekend, and eventually it will be complete.

I have taken some wonderful excursions since arriving on Okinawa nearly two years ago.  During the time that I have been here I have visited Korea twice - once for fun, and once for training and fun.  I have also been to Vietnam and Taiwan, and taken local ferry rides to three islands off of the coast of Okinawa (Yoron, Takashima, and Ie Shima).

Last Thanksgiving my friend Valerie and I flew to the American island of Guam for a few days of rest and relaxation - and had a wonderful time.  None of our friends were interested in going, and one said that it would just be beaches with little else to see and do.  And there were beaches - some of the most beautiful that I have seen anywhere.  We drove the circumference of most of the island, and continually had to stop the car so that I could take postcard shots of all that we encountered.  There were quaint villages, each with its own Catholic church (a holdover from when Spain was the island's landlord), jungle settings, waterfalls, a small university, great restaurants, and did I mention beaches?

Guam, being an American possession that one day should become a state, also has American shopping - including a Ross's (with customers lined up completely around the interior of the building waiting to pay for purchases), a Denny's, a Macy's, and...a K-Mart!  Talk about culture!

Valerie and I had such a nice time in Guam that we have decided to go again.  We will be leaving the Sunday before Memorial Day and staying four nights.  We are both looking forward to getting off of Okinawa for a few more days.

It looks as though I will be heading home on or about July 14th.  I had hoped to see Hong Kong and China before my grand exit from Asia, but the time is racing by so swiftly that those travels seem unlikely to happen.   Even so, I will be coming back to the States with a wealth of memories - and a bazillion pictures on the blog!

Don't cry for me, Argentina.  I'll get there someday!

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