Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boone the Teenager

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My oldest grandchild, Boone Macy, turns thirteen today (May 6th).  He was born in West Plains, Missouri, at the tail end of the last millennium, less than two hours past the close of Cinco de Mayo.   I was working for the state of Missouri at that time doing an internship in Waynesville, just outside of Ft. Leonard Wood.  Boone's maternal grandmother called first and told me that my son and her daughter "had their boy," and Nick, the proud father, called a few minutes later.  The next day I took off work and drove three hours south to meet my first grandchild.  It would be another eight years before the next would arrive, Molly's son, Sebastian, so Boone got to spend a lot of time as the center of everyone's attention.

Now, suddenly I have five grandchildren!

Where has the time gone?

Boone is just completing seventh grade at a large rural school where he has gone since pre-kindergarten.  I remember driving him to school one day when he was a very little boy, probably in first grade.  He dragged me into the crowded building where kids, parents, and teachers were all arriving and getting organized for the day.  I met his teacher, and he then took me out the back door of the school to meet his good friend - who smiled and said "Hi, Boone, who's this?"  That good friend was the janitor!

I love schools where the kids know the custodians - and where custodians know the kids!

Next year Boone will attend eighth grade in the same school, but the year after that he will transfer to West Plains High School, which will be much more challenging and crowded.   He's a smart young man (spelling champ of his room every year since kindergarten) and quite social, so I know that he will adapt well to high school and continue to make us all proud.

Boone, I haven't been around much for the past two years, but that is fixing to change.  I am heading back to the States in a little over two months and am very anxious to see you!

Let's go fishing when I get home!


Anonymous said...

Such a nice tribute to a great young man.--erin

molly. said...

Very sweet. Where has the time gone?!