Sunday, May 13, 2012

Low-Hanging Fruit #3: Rush Limbaugh and the Sanctity of Marriage

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When it comes to low-hanging fruit, radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh is on a limb by himself.  In fact, his limb is so bent by the massive ego of the blathering boob that he doesn't dangle at all, but sits permanently in the mud blaming his advancing rot on everyone but himself.

While the effusive and offensive Mr. Limbaugh should have been permanently taken off the air after his "slut" remarks regarding a Georgetown grad student, and although he did lose a butt-load of sponsors over that poisonous, multi-day tirade, he remains on the air where he constantly stirs America's angry underbelly.

This week Rush exploded over President Obama's belated support of gay marriage.  Rush was particularly incensed that Shepard Smith of the "fair and balanced" Fox News had spoken of the President's announcement in positive terms.  Well, as always, "positive" is not a language that Rush speaks - or even tolerates.  In his tirade against Smith he implied that the Fox commentator had his own gay household, and he indicated that pro-gay marriage language will never carry a public election because "the hicks and hayseeds" would always vote it down.

Hicks and hayseeds, Rush?  One must assume that you are speaking of the Republican base - those good folks who think they are allies of the one-percent, when, in fact, they are only dupes and tools the master class.  That was quite a bright insight into the minds of those with vulgar levels of wealth - such as yourself.

But who better to lead the charge to preserve the sanctity of marriage than a man who has been married four times.  With that much experience, you must certainly be an expert.  

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