Friday, May 18, 2012

The American Underbelly

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

That sticky slime oozing its way down the streets and sidewalks of certain large segments of backwater America isn't the trail of a giant, radiated snail or a  herd of creatures fleeing the local swamp.   No, it's the collective drool of every racist who has been impatiently waiting for nearly four years to show that colored boy in the White House what they really think.  The last time people didn't pay enough attention, they were fooled - but they won't be fooled again!

The current identity crisis within the Republican Party seems to be whether or not to dig up Reverend Jeremiah Wright, play some radical soundbites from a few of the minister's sermons, and then remind everyone that he and President Obama are best friends forever - a blatant untruth, but veracity counts for precious little in politics.

John McCain was smart enough to try to temper the racists and keep them at a distance during his run for the presidency against Mr. Obama, and now many of them feel that they were cheated out of their opportunity to tell the country just how black Barack Obama really is.

Obama did go on the air back in 2008 and spoke to America on the subject of race, and he was, as usual, eloquent.

Race is an intentionally divisive issue, and one that is destined to backfire in our 21st century world - like it or not.   So if billionaires who feel they have some divine right to run this country want to influence an election by using 1950's logic and tactics, bring it on.  Race-baiting will be a loser.

Mitt Romney is distancing himself from purported plans to use Super PAC money to resurrect Reverend Wright and slime the country with racist innuendo - today.   Tomorrow it may be fair game in the Mittsterville.  He has been known to change his mind on major issues, sometimes with little more than a coffee break between pronouncements.  But if the Republicans, or their sugar daddies, or their militias in bed sheets go there, sooner or later the topic will bounce over to Romney's religion - and then it's really on!

Religion should stay out of elections - and it damned well should stay out of government! 

If billionaires want to have an inordinate influence on the country and massage their bloated egos in the process, maybe they should consider opening factories in depressed areas and creating jobs.   That would be a helluva lot more patriotic than stirring up hate groups - and they might make a few dollars in the process!

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