Friday, May 11, 2012

Low-Hanging Fruit #1: Michelle Bachmann, the Swiss Miss?

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Some people make themselves such easy targets that it almost seems unfair to point out their stupidity, hypocrisy, or batshit craziness.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, of course, can always be relied upon to generate jaw-dropping headlines - even when she doesn't intend to.  Ms. Bachmann said recently that her angry presidential campaign had been almost gaffe-free, a statement that in and of itself constitutes a falsehood of almost Biblical proportions.  (Didn't she claim to have been born in the same city as cowboy actor and American icon John Wayne, when, in point of fact, she wasn't?  She was actually born in the same city as serial killer John Wayne Gacy!)

Ms. Bachmann, presumably as American and anti-socialist as a person can be, shocked the nation this week when it was revealed that she applied for Swiss citizenship last February, and it was granted on March 19th.  When I saw that gem on the Internet a couple of days ago, I thought that I must have accidentally landed on the website of The Onion and come across a story that was so bizarre that it was barely even funny.

But no.  Michele Bachmann, hubbie Marcus, and their three youngest children had applied for and been granted citizenship in Switzerland.   The staunchest foe of Obamacare had actively sought citizenship in a European country that has state-sponsored health care for all of its citizens!  Can it get any crazier than that?

Ms. Bachmann, while trying to explain her application for citizenship in a basically socialist foreign country, said that she actually became Swiss in 1978 when she married Marcus, the son of Swiss immigrants.  That is obviously not true, or why would she have had to apply for citizenship in 2012?  But that was her story and she was sticking to it.  She did it for love.

After her move for Swiss citizenship (actually dual citizenship - both U.S. and Swiss) became public knowledge, the ever flexible congresswoman who is running for re-election, made a political decision to withdraw it.  (There will be plenty of time to become a European socialist later when she is eventually voted out of Congress and loses her government-funded health care.)

Maybe now when reporters ask her embarrassing questions which she is unable to answer, Michele can switch into her Swiss mode and yodel.  (I had my doubts about her Americanism when I first saw the photos of Michele and Marcus trying to eat corn dogs!)

Is Mitt Romney Swiss too, or is he trusting foreigners to watch his money?

(I am suddenly very suspicious.  The next time Michele Bachmann decides to run for President, I want to see her long-form birth certificate!)

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