Monday, May 28, 2012

Macy's of Guam and Other Attractions

by Pa Rock
Island Explorer

Our second day on the island of Guam was focused on shopping and exploring some back roads.  Valerie made a sojourn to Ross's while I roamed through the aisles and stacks of a locally-owned bookstore.  Later, heading north, we stopped at the Mall of Micronesia which is anchored by a Macy's.   Another mall, another bookstore.  I'm so easy to entertain!

Our final stop on the shopping excursion was at the Base Exchange at Andersen Air Force Base.   There I focused on finding tee-shirts and such for my grandkids, and was very successful.

Driving back toward out hotel we decided to explore a few side roads.  The first led us through some lush vegetation that included mango trees and coconut palms - but ended at a pair of auto salvage places with an obligatory pack of roving junkyard dogs!  A second side road led to the Guam International Country Club, an immense old concrete building that looked as though it was probably a prison in a past life.  It overlooked a golf course which was surprisingly empty on this holiday Monday.  The country club did not appear to be very exclusive because we just roamed in an traipsed around like we were old-money locals with membership cards.

Our late lunch was at a Chinese restaurant located in a strip mall.  The food was delicious!

It is almost dark at the Agana Hilton, and I am preparing to head out onto patio by the bay to watch another show.  I will post a few more lines from paradise tomorrow.

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