Monday, June 13, 2011

Would You Like That Weiner in a Pun?

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Anthony Weiner has had a rough two weeks of it.  The congressman from New York City has landed himself in the middle of an Internet sex scandal that probably would have begun fading from the headlines by now if he had been blessed with a standard surname like Smith or Jones.  But a moniker like "Weiner" just begs to be abused!

One of Congressman Weiner's hometown newspapers, the tabloid - New York Post, has become a veritable pun generator with such classic headlines as:  "Weiner Roast," "Weiner Exposed," "Hide the Weiner," and "Battle of the Bulge:  Hard Time for Naked Truth."   Fellow New Yorker Jon Stewart stoically commented that he remembered the embattled congressman as having "a lot more Anthony and a lot less Weiner!"

Some other headlines pilfered from the Internet beat Weiner in grand style:  "Weiner blows it but refuses to withdraw,"  "Pressure grows on Weiner," and "Exposed Weiner refuses to resign." Then there was this classic, "Weiner constituents polled:  Stay in, they say."

Can it get any more literary than that?

Well, yes it obviously can.  Stodgy old NPR described the congressman from New York as being "testy."  Spirit Airlines even sucked the Member into one of its advertisements:  "Check out our Weiner sale boasting fares just too hard to resist."  Ouch!

And these jewels are also hanging out there on the Internet thanks to Weinergate:  "Weiner in hot water,"  "Weiner is shrinking," "Weiner shrinks from telling the whole story,"  "It's not that big a thing," "Dispute to be settled in small claims court," "It's just a member of congress," and, "Byte sized scandal."

Rush Limbaugh, who knows Andrew Breitbart personally and was rightly skeptical of any "news" put forth by the "journalist," began his original coverage of the story by saying that he found the Anthony Weiner controversy "hard to swallow."  (I personally find the notion that the Rushbag would find anything hard to swallow to be...well...hard to swallow!)

But perhaps the greatest Weiner pun was the one that slipped from the congressman's own lips when he responded to criticism by remarking, "I'm sorry I was a little stiff yesterday!"

They just don't write them like than any more!

Who says real journalism is dead?

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